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Here are just a few of our customer reviews.

New car buy inspection. Service was great, quality was exactly what I was hoping for, I feel very confident now pursuing the car I’m interested in. Thank you very much!

Brian Adams

I had problems with my electrical system and they found the battery and auxiliary battery to be bad. They fixed it all in the same day! So grateful.

Juan Manuel Landin

Excellent customer service. Good price. I really appreciate the transparency and how they text you the quote with prices and the option to select the work you want done. Will be a customer for life!

Tyson Cook

The dealership didn’t know what a series of basic services would cost and couldn’t get me in for a month. These guys were spot on with their estimate and got me in the same day and finished late afternoon same day.

Scott Spiker

Super friendly staff. Explained everything that needed to be done with car. They even have a website where you can see photos of everything they checked during the diagnostic.

Angela Ruiz

Had to get a new muffler on an older vehicle, they got me in and out quickly. It’s never been so quiet, embarrassingly I tried to start my car twice!


Master Tech are the masters! Great experience. Great communication. I was able to view and approve all the necessary repairs from my phone. Very convenient.

Justin Rodgers

Good experience having work done on 2015 Ford F-150. Friendly, fair priced and gave us a honest low down on work to have done in future. We will be regular customers.

Ward Oslo

Had lots of work done on my classic El Camino. The shop was easy to work with, fast, knowledgeable, and super convenient working with my timeline. Job well done! The old car is running great!

Stephen Bowen

Super awesome team. They saw me next day when I called to make an appointment and finished same day despite more work being done than planned. My new local mechanic.

Victoria Pomeroy

Super fast and very friendly! Plus they gave me a free inspection of my car which was great so I know what I need to get taken care of in the near future.

Sophia Loiacono

I was traveling from out of town and had a check engine light pop on. They were able to run tests day of (within 2 hours) and give me a definitive answer to what was going on. Many thanks to this place to ease my car worries.

Sarah Williams

When your car breaks down it’s usually a horrifying experience. The folks here were helpful, quick and efficient and I believe they may be my new place. I trust them and had a delightful experience.

Marc Rivera

Was passing through town and noticed my breaks making sounds so I found these guys on Google and they took me in right away to help me, my friend and pups get on the way safely!

Jill S

Great service! They can always get me on the schedule & take good care of my car. They send me reminders for when I should be coming in to get my oil changed & take care of whatever else needs to be done at the time.

Melissa King

We were stranded 2 minutes away. We had a good smartian tow us to Master Tech. They instantly got us in and within a hr we’re on the road. Excellent customer service. VERY happy with the service. Highly recommend.

Brooke Ward

Mastertech did a oil change and complete courtesy inspection on my 2006 Honda. They sent a link over with pictures and explanation of service they had recommended. Great service.

Shelby Decker

Diagnosed problem quickly. Communicated options well without pressure and did great work. Will continue to take cars here for repair.

Jamie Lawson

Best and quick service! Some horrible noise started to come from my car and Master Tech saved the day. They were able to find the source and fix it in minutes! Quick and amazing customer service! I highly recommend them!

Felisciana Peralta

Very helpful and friendly! Something came up last minute so I needed to reschedule that same day. They were very accommodating and I was able to still get my car maintained.

unnamed-Calista- Jones
Calista Jones

Awesome service! Had coolant issue develop that they were able to get me in quickly and repair same day! Great turn around! Great service! Can’t beat that!

Terry E. Raper

Needed a clutch master cylinder replaced on my civic si, went in for a quote and they had the part in stock and the car repaired in less than 24 hours. They also did a full inspection of the vehicle alerting me to several things wrong that I was unaware of. The customer service was phenomenal and I could not have asked for a better experience.


They were so quick and very nice! We are from out of town and our car broke down. They helped us right away and got us back on the road less than 24 hours!

unnamed-Ashlyn -Thorngren
Ashlyn Thorngren

Love Master Tech Automotive. Every time I’ve needed help with my car they have come to my rescue. The employees are genuine and polite. I would recommend them any day of the week.

unnamed-Carol -Robinson
Carol Robinson

why choose our fuel injector cleaning services?

Fuel injectors serve as the architects of your engine’s performance, dictating the precise delivery of fuel with unparalleled precision. Operating at the heart of your vehicle’s powertrain, these sophisticated components ensure the optimal combustion of fuel-air mixture, essential for unleashing the full potential of your engine. By atomizing fuel into fine droplets and delivering them directly into the combustion chamber, fuel injectors facilitate efficient combustion, resulting in smoother acceleration, improved fuel efficiency, and enhanced overall performance. Thus, safeguarding the integrity of your fuel injectors through professional fuel injector cleaning is paramount to ensuring your engine operates at peak efficiency and reliability.

Over time, microscopic particles, dirt, and carbon deposits accumulate within your fuel injectors, obstructing the precise delivery of fuel to your engine. This disruption leads to inefficient combustion, resulting in a cascade of issues. Your engine may struggle to start, hesitates during acceleration, and experiences rough idling. Worse yet, prolonged neglect can lead to severe engine misfires, decreased fuel economy, and costly repairs. However, there’s no need to fret. Our team of seasoned technicians at Master Tech Automotive possesses the expertise and tools to tackle even the most stubborn fuel injector deposits. With meticulous care, we’ll purge your fuel injectors of any contaminants, restoring them to their optimal condition. The result? Enhanced fuel atomization, improved engine response, and restored power delivery.

Situated in Vancouver, Washington, Master Tech Automotive stands as a beacon of automotive excellence. We go beyond being just your “trusted partner” – we’re your dedicated allies in ensuring your vehicle performs at its peak. Whether you’re in need of routine maintenance or specialized services like fuel injector cleaning, rest assured, we’ve got you covered.



Schedule a fuel injector cleaning service at Master Tech Automotive today and rejuvenate your engine’s performance.

If the vehicle’s fuel efficiency drops noticeably, it could be a sign of clogged fuel injectors. Causes include the accumulation of carbon deposits, dirt, or debris in the fuel injectors, hindering proper fuel delivery.

Misfires or rough idling can occur when fuel injectors are clogged, causing uneven fuel distribution to the engine cylinders. Possible causes include the buildup of deposits on the injector nozzles or a restricted fuel flow.

Increased levels of exhaust emissions, including black smoke or unburned fuel odor, can indicate fuel injector problems. This may result from poor fuel atomization due to injector deposits, leading to incomplete combustion and higher emissions.

A lit check engine light may indicate various engine issues, including fuel injector problems. Diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) related to fuel system faults can help identify specific injector issues, such as injector circuit faults or injector performance deviations.

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